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I composed several music for videogames, available in the Unity Asset Store for Unity3D engine. Search the Unity asset store for Matteo Bosi or Alchemy Studio: you can find several songs useful for menu / credit / title screen / gameplay.

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For your convenience, download from my website a ZIP file that contains all the demo music I have released for Unity 3D. You will find ALL the songs that I have published, in mp3 format. All the previews are from soundcloud, but I feel it is more useful for you to get a single download with all the previews, so that you can try them in your games and download them if needed.

You can find the preview of all my music on Soundcloud.

I have a lot of packs available, covering different genres of music. You will certainly find something useful for you!
The music asset list:

Short Orchestral Clips
Ancient Kingdom
Short metal clips pack
Metal Loop Pack
Tales from the forgotten lands
Ambient music for suspence, horror, sci fi
Win and lose library vol.1: vocals
Win and lose library vol.2: synth
Win and lose library vol.3:whistling
Monster Screams
Human Agony Screams
Cinematic Metal introduction
Menu music
Menu Music - Fantasy Adventure
Menu music - Fantasy mood
Menu music - power '80
Menu music - Psychosis
Menu music - Rock electronic
Menu music 4
Menu music 5
Menu music 6
Menu music 7
SFX Pack
Covered Spy - Menu Music Loop
The dark chamber - menu loop
Hard rock title
The Dandy Landing Vol.1
The Dandy Landing Vol.2
Thomas Dundon
Terry Dig's
Menu Master Ceremony

(scroll down for a detailed explanation!)

If you are interested in multiple packs, I have several bundles that let you spare some money:

Metal bundle: includes "Short metal clips" and "Metal Loop pack". Download a ZIP with all the demo tracks
Power bundle: several packs for high energy/adrenaline games. Download a ZIP with all the demo tracks
Fantasy bundle: music tailored for fantasy projects. Download a ZIP with all the demo tracks
Menu music collection: a collection songs suitable for game menu, credit screens, casual games backing tracks, etc. Download a ZIP with all the demo tracks

I also have a "complete music pack", which contains all the music I have published: that's about one hour of music, and over 170 wave/mp3 files! Download a ZIP with all the demo tracks. You save more than 60 by buying this pack instead of buyng the single assets... And if you buy it be sure to contact me to get the new packs that I could have published very recently and that are not included in the version of the complete pack you bought. I will send you the new clips for free!

If you have bought even just one of my single assets on the asset store and you have also bought or want to "upgrade" to the complete music pack or to some bundle, just send me an email and I will arrange myself, through paypal, a partial cash-back of the money you spent with the single assets. Please note that this is handled OUTSIDE the asset store, because Unity EULA does not allow refunds!

Phong, on 31 Jul 2013, reviewed the "complete pack": "I listened to most of the songs before purchasing, and I have to say I liked about 75% of them on the first listen (I am a fan of both RPG games and rock music)! The music is catchy, and many songs are loopable, which is great for game development. There are even plenty of bonus sounds and FX (well, they are part of the collection, but I purchased it for the music). I have auditioned a lot of royalty-free music, and this collection of songs is very high quality. I have not been able to find a better deal for this much quality audio. Matteo even sent me five additional audio packs for free!"

Another user, Andre, wrote: "This collections contains a lot of AAA quality musics in different styles for neary any kind of gameplay. Very great work Matteo!"

My assets:

Ancient Kingdom, fantasy music composed having in mind a "sword and sorcery" game. You get a menu music, a background music, a battle-oriented theme and some short "cuts" or descriptive music, 10-20 seconds long, to be used for example as character description in the menu or for some episode in the game.
"Very good quality and good support from the author, I recommend"

Short metal clips pack, 45 short clips in metal style, some seconds long, to be used as level intro, ending, death, victory, or in general to emphasize particular moments of a game.
"These are just fantastic. Accent a game event with one of these and it just becomes dramatic.. great, kick butt audio at an amazing price. There are loads of them and they make a fantastic addition to any indie game maker's arsenal!"

Metal Loop Pack This is a collection of 16 short metal loops. For your convenience, each loop is divided in several clips, ready to be seamlessy looped and ended.

You can take advantage of the offer from the "metal bundle", which contains both the Short metal clips pack and the Metal Loop Pack

Tales from the forgotten lands Six orchestral tracks specifically tailored to fantasy projects.

Ambient music for suspence, horror, sci fi "Travelling in a ship lost in outer space", ambient music expecially suited for horror and suspance games, consisting mainly of athmospheres and drones. This is also available on bandcamp for private listening. Remember that the bandcamp license is for private listening only!

Win and lose library vol.1: vocals, a collection of vocal shots expecially suited for simple and quick platform games, web games, puzzle games etc.

Win and lose library vol.2: synth, very short synth arpeggios especially suited for simple and quick platform games, web games, puzzle games and so on.

Win and lose library vol.3:whistling: a collection of whistling phrases expecially suited for simple and quick platform games, cartoonish, web games, puzzle games and so on.

Monster Screams: different voices from hell useful for any monster, zombie, troll, orc, ogre, dragon or creature of your nightmares.

Cinematic Metal introduction, a cinematic intro in metal style, epic and bombastic with full orchestra, powerful brass, percussions and full metal band.

Hard rock title, a catchy hard rock tune that you can use for your menu/title/credit screens, in a "Steve Vai" playing style.

Menu music, "One Arrow", a music composed for a main menu, electronic style, hypnotic and looping. Perfect for action games.

Menu Music - Fantasy Adventure, a track suitable for fantasy games and epic adventures menu/titles

Menu music - Fantasy mood, with a calm and peaceful fantasy mood.

Menu music - power '80, with fast tempo and an electronic feel.

Menu music - Psychosis, psychotic with a suspenseful / terror feeling

Menu music - Rock electronic, old school electronica feeling with a rock mood.

Menu music 4, dark and tense atmosphere, electronic style.

Menu music 5, distorted guitar and synths, dark rock/metal feeling, energetic and full of strength.

Menu music 6, dark and suspenseful atmosphere, synth and drones with ethnic and deep percussions rhythm.

Menu music 7, dark and suspenseful track with synths and electronic percussion, mid tempo

SFX Pack, simple sound effects: you will find 5 flames, 8 footsteps, 28 metal hits, 6 missed hits and 18 "suffering" vocal sounds. Each category has a lot of variations in both wav and MP3 format.

The dark chamber - menu loop, A dark ambient music that can be useful for title screen, credit, hold on, trailers, cut scenes... the feeling is suspense and thriller, with some obscure dark and dangerous feeling. The music will seamlessly loop and you will find different files (intro, loop, end, complete song) to arrange the track as you need

Human Agony Screams, In this pack you will find 24 screams of agony, 12 for male and 12 for female. They will be essential for any videogames in which someone is being hit, beaten, injuried, tortured, or is suffering extreme pain and agony.

Covered Spy - Menu Music Loop,A simple short loop for spy games or similar. Instruments are drum, bass and guitar. The feeling (both sound and mood) is somewhat "old", remembering the TV movies of '60 - '70. It will seamlessly loop so it is suitable for menu music, credit screen, presentation videos and so on.

For every other information, please send me a mail

I have published other music on Audiojungle, which is more expensive than Unity asset store (it has fixed price) and a different kind of license (more extended).
If you find some useful track for your project just hit the "buy" button ;).

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