Since 2005 i owned a korg 03RW. Then, I had the luck to find a Korg 01 RW which, however, had a problem: it emitted no sounds!
The display was lit, the interface worked, and the unit correctly received midi data both in and out, and i was able to load sysex from the PC and to make sysex dumps to the PC). I checked all the 4 outputs and also the headphone, but no sound was produced

Thanks to Yahoo Mailing List dedicated to Korg 01 synth family (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/korg01w-list) i discovered how to solve the problem (very common in this synth): you need to open the rack (very simple, but remember to unplug the power cable!!!) you should find two resistance and two capacitors, namely R79 e R80C30, C29. You have to desolder and replace them with two resistors rated 22 ohm and two el.caps rated 100 microFarad/16 V. If you are skilled enough, you could even replace the components with SMD resistors and cap... i wasnt' able to to that!

After this reparation, the Korg went back to life!

After some months, this unit presented another problem (maybe it was defective since its birth...), but once again i managed to repair it by myself!

This time the simptoms were that the MIDI data are correclty sent and received (via midiox or changeit!, for example) , but:

1) the display, while being lit by the backlight, is "dead", in the sense that it doesnt show any writing or pixel or anything... just the light.

2) the unit produces no output from every out (4 rear and phone). I checked again the capacitor C29 / C30 and the resistance R79 / R80, but they seemed alright.

simply unsolder and change the capacitors:
C110, C100, C101.
they are rated 16V, 100 microF

(i used 25V instead).

BEWARE: the PCB is a dual layer one, and you have to make sure that the contact is BOTH on the top and on the bottom side. use a tester and, if necessary, connect the capacitors with a wire to their appropriate connection.

On the net you can find a lot of resources, along with tons of patches
An online manual is located at net.indra.com/_cliffcan/01online.htm
There is a korg 01 mailing list at yahoo groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/korg01w-list/

Service manual for the Korg 01RW

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