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06 - Tarantella Napoletana

In this journey I cannot avoid to make a stop in my own country, Italy. Even if I'm from northern Italy and the tarantella is a typical music from Naples, in the south, I really love this genre, so happy and joyful! This piece is the only one in the serie not originally composed by me: I found an online score from L. Criscuolo and I really enjoyed to learn the part with mandolin. And what could be better than to accompany the melody with the tambourine and the castanets?
Also, this was the very first video I recorded with my phone and edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector 12. It started the whole idea of shooting myself while playing and recording my instruments in my studio.
Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

castanet - Tarantella
Classical guitar - Tarantella
mandolin - Tarantella
tambourine - Tarantella

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