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05 - Salida Basica

I visited Buenos Aires in 2005, to take part to an international conference. During a trip around the city, I had the occasion to listen to the tango and to see some tango dancers. The Porteņos are really friendly people, and they have a special links with italians: it seems that everyone has an old relative coming from Italy! They were really happy to meet an Italian and I found several people who could speak my language very well. Years laters, me and my wife took some tango lessons in our city: it really brought back to my mind several memories about Buenos Aires!
I had two ideas regarding the kind of song I could make with my accordion. The first one was a waltz, the second was a tango. I already recorded a waltz before this project started but it was not suitable for it, so I chose the tango: Argentina and Buenos Aires became part of my journey.
The music came up to be a very very simple tango. So, when I had to chose the title, "Salida Basica" seemed very appropriate because it is one of the very first and basic steps to learn in tango. It perfectly reflected the simplicity of my music and my arrangement, like the very first tango a musician can compose.
Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

12 strings guitar - salida basica
Accordion - Salida basica
Cello Guitar - salida basica
flute - salida basica
Hank drum - salida basica
Toy clarinet - salida basica

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