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04 - Desert Breeze

During our travels we spent a night in a tent in Morocco and we visited the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan: such awesome places and nice experiences!
In this stage of the journey it's time to walk in desert, under the hot sun, along with tuaregs. It's time to sleep under the stars and to leave footsteps on the dunes.
I looked for a very warm sound and for some middle east scale and flavour to give the feeling of a travel in the desert. The didgeridoo is definitely not a middle-east instrument but its richness and full sound was perfect to set the background and hypnotic drone sound for this music. The Jordan harp (simsimiyya) and the Saz were the right choice to set the harmony and the duduk was the exact instrument needed for the melody, with its very warm and deep tone.
This was one of the very first songs I recorded both in audio and video format for this project in 2014, when the idea to combine instruments from different cultures emerged, so I have a special relationship with this music!
Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

Baglama saz - Desert breeze
chapchas - Desert breeze
cymbal - Desert breeze
didgeridoo - Desert breeze
duduk - Desert breeze
egg - Desert breeze
Frame drum - Desert breeze
Guzheng - Desert breeze
Simsimiyya - Desert breeze

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