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03 - The Last Inca Dream

We visted Peru in 2014. It is really an awesome country and the sight of Machu Picchu is definitely breath-taking, even if you have to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to get the best experience! When I came back from this trip I began to listen to a traditional peruvian CD i bought from a band during our travel, and also to an old Inti Illimani record. Andean music is so beautiful, even if some of it may be quite sad. I had the inspiration to write this piece by listening over and over to Inti Illimani songs. I feel that "The Last Inca Dream" is really one of the best composition of this whole project. I believe it well depicts the sadness and nostalgia of an old population that completely disappeared from the Earth. I imagined the Inca shamans walking towards the top of their mountains, challinging cold and ice. They prayed their Gods to get their favours, while they see the Inca kingdom slowly fall.
Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

acoustic guitar - The last inca dream
bell - The last inca dream
bone quena - The last inca dream
chapchas - The last inca dream
charango - The last inca dream
cymbal - The last inca dream
egg - The last inca dream
melodica - The last inca dream
quena - The last inca dream
sicus - The last inca dream
violin - The last inca dream

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