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02 - In Viaggio

"In viaggio" is an italian phrase that means "on the road" or "travelling". I am very attached to this music, and I made different arrangements of the main melody over the years. How could I choose a best title for a song that represent the deepest idea of my whole project? This journey will bring you abroad, will let your mind travel around the world, and this song exactly expresses this feeling. I composed the main melody while I was on holyday in China with my girlfriend (now my wife) in 2010: this song is dedicated to her and to the first year we spent together. We both love travelling and visiting exotic countries. We really like to be "on the road"!
Since the melody was composed in China, it really has a very distinctive "chinese" flavour... and the use of original chinese / far east instruments was the best way to arrange the song.
Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

Cello Guitar - In viaggio
Classical guitar - In viaggio
Dan Bao - In viaggio
dizi - In viaggio
erhu - In viaggio
Guzheng - In viaggio
Hulusi - In viaggio

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