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01 - Dawn of Mankind

With this song I wanted to recreate a very "primordial" mood, somewhat inspired by Africa. However, I don't think the music is itself tribal or related to any african tradition. The overall idea was to express some very primitive feel, that would ideally represent the very first sounds and music produced by the first men.
It was very easy to decide to put this song as the opener of my project. The ideal link to the early days of mankind represents the very beginning of my musical journey, a journey that will bring you all aroud the world and in distant places, both in space and in time.

Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

big drum - Dawn of mankind
chimes - Dawn of mankind
cymbal - Dawn of mankind
indian flute - Dawn of mankind
jaw harp - Dawn of mankind
mini kora - Dawn of mankind
mate percussion - Dawn of mankind
mbira - Dawn of mankind
rainstick - Dawn of mankind
shakers - Dawn of mankind
small bongo - Dawn of mankind
small drum - Dawn of mankind

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