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13 - Alchemy of the Worlds

We are finally at the end. The last piece of my serie is also the first one I have composed, back in 2008. My friend Luca helped me in shooting and editing the video.
It has been a long time since the recording of this song and the time I recorded all the other ones for this album. A lot of time has passed, I visited a lot of countries, collected a lot of instruments and a lot of musical ideas passed by. But the spirit I had when I composed this song was exaclty the one I now expressed in the whole project "Around the World in Eighty Instruments": to combine sounds from all the world and from different cultures.
I feel "Alchemy of the worlds" is the manifesto of this project. In a single piece it combines flavours, instruments and moods from a lot of different places, from Far East to India, reaching Europe and "modern" rock music. When I composed this song I used the whole arsenal I had in my studio, and I wanted to make an imaginary connection of all the world.
For all this reasons, I decided to end my album and my wandering with this song, the one that gave birth to everything. I hope you have enjoyed travelling around the world with me and my music .

Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

4 strings bass - Alchemy of the worlds
Instrument n.5
acoustic guitar - Alchemy of the worlds
Classical guitar - Alchemy of the worlds
dizi - Alchemy of the worlds
Electric guitar 1 - Alchemy of the worlds
Electric guitar 2 - Alchemy of the worlds
erhu - Alchemy of the worlds
flute - Alchemy of the worlds
Fujarka - Alchemy of the worlds
Piano and keyboards - Alchemy of the worlds
sicus - Alchemy of the worlds
sitar - Alchemy of the worlds
valhia - Alchemy of the worlds

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