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12 - Postcard From Space

We travelled by sea, by land and by air. We visited a lot of countries and discovered a lot of different cultures. Almost at end of the journey, I wanted to see Earth from a very different perspective. We will make a trip to outer space, to look at our planet from a completely different point of view: we will see only the land, the oceans, the clouds. There will no borders between the countries. We will understand how small we and our own world are, compared to the vastness of space... and finally we will appreciate how important is our home for us.
The drawing used for playing the drawdio was done by my wife, thanks a lot! :-*
Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

5 strings bass - Postcard from space
caustic drum - Postcard from space
drawdio - Postcard from space
echocord - Postcard from space
Electric guitar 2 - Postcard from space
ocarina from Matera - Postcard from space
peruvian flute - Postcard from space
MidiBox sequencer - Postcard from space
MidiBox SID - Postcard from space

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