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08 - Paradise Island

One of our dream is to spend a week in a tropical island in the pacific ocean, those kind of places where you are in the middle of nowhere, on an atoll with its beautful reef. Maybe in the future we will realize this dream...
Meanwhile, I would like to travel with my imagination and bring you (and us!) on this island, a paradise on Earth. I imagined playing an ukulele on the beach, while drinking a cocktail and seeing the sunset on the ocean. But I don't have an ukulele amongst my 80 instruments, so I decided to use a chinese small lute (called Liu Qin) to mimic its sound. I tuned it in exacltly the same way as the ukulele and played a very simple riff. The harmonica and the small percussions really brought me on the island and the lapsteel was the perfect emulation of the hawaian guitar.
I really hope that this song will realax you and let you travel on the most beautiful island of the ocean!

Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

5 strings bass - Paradise island
harmonica - Paradise island
balalaika - Paradise island
lapsteel - Paradise island
Liu qin - Paradise island
marimba - Paradise island
shakers - Paradise island
small bongo - Paradise island

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