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09 - Highlands

If you think about bagpipes I bet you immediately think about Scotland and its wide landscapes. I wanted to make a stop of my journey here and to recreate the feel of a Scottish march. I don't have the bagpipes but, when I was in Sardinia, I bought the most typical instrument of this island: the launeddas. They are really similar to the bagpipes so I decided to use them for this tune. For this song I borrowed the only instrument that does not belong to my collection, the snare (thanks to Rodolfo!). It was absolutely necessary to give the song its distinctive marching drum sound! I also highlighted the song progression with a couple of horns and with a deeper percussion. The Irish tin whistle was the perfect instrument to play the main melody
March side by side with bagpipes players, between the castles, hills and valley of Scotland!
Instruments used (click on the image to get additional notes):

bagpipe chanter - Highlands
horn - Highlands
Launeddas - Highlands
Rag dung - Highlands
smart lidz - Highlands
snare drum - Highlands
tin whistle - Highlands

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