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The recording process

Most of the songs of "Around the world" were recorded in 2013-2014. The only exception is "Alchemy of the worlds", that was recorded and filmed in 2008, and for which I had a slighlty different setup.

My current setup includes:

Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 produced edition
Sonic Core Pulsar/Scope sound card
Focusrite ISA-ONE preamp
SM PRO AUDIO TB202 (tube preamp with 2 channels)
Neumann TLM 102 microphone
2xSamson C02 microphones
AKG D112 microphone

The whole project was to use only acoustic instruments, so I did not use any sample or VSTi (except for Alchemy of the worlds). I added several FX to the takes (EQ, compressors, delay, reverb) and most of the FX you hear are from my Scope card. Also all the mastering process was done using only Scope plugins (PSY-Q and optimaster).

For the video I used both the camera my nexus 4 phone and the camera of my wife (thanks! :-*), that has a much better quality. The videos were edited using Cyberlink powerdirector 12: I found this program very easy to use and extremely user-friendly.