Creamware - Sonic Core soundcard tutorial

Gigasampler Tutorial: A complete Gigasampler tutorial originally realized in collaboration with Simonazzi Federico's Alar Recording Studio. I wrote 11 lessons, in which I'll teach you how to use the Gigasamlper/Gigastudio editor at its maximum strenght. Many examples are provided, along with tips, tricks and suggestion. I think this is the most comprehensive Gigasamlper tutorial you can find on the net!
If someone wants to sponsor a new Gigastudio 3 of NI Kontakt 3 tutorial i'm here! :-)

The Creamware arpeggiator Arpeg01


An mp3 reader build by myself, which uses an old pentium 1, MS DOS and an LCD display for id3 tag visualization
ALCHEMY SYNTH for Sonic-core platform. In beta-version


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