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These are the subject of the lesson. Note that these are "lessons" in the very sense of the words: you have to read them and look at the examples and the figures in order to understand everything. I provide a lot of examples: they are not indended for recording or playing use, but for learning: so, try to understand what I did and, most important, WHY I did the things in such a way, and apply the concept you learn in your own patches with your own samlpes.

Unfortunately, I don't own the more powerful Gigastudio, which is Gigasampler big brother... but the concepts are basically the same, so you will learn a lot from Gigasamlper even if you are using Gigastudio.Moreover, my .gig files are 100% compatible with Gigastudio!

All these lessons are (C) Matteo Bosi. You are not permitted to use them on other sites without my consense.

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Lesson 01 - Introduction
Lesson 02 - Samples management
Lesson 03 - The Envelopes
Lesson 04 - EG3, LFO and Filter
Lesson 05 - Velocity respone, release trigger, mix/layer
Lesson 06 - The concept of "dimension"
Lesson 07 - Instrument programming: snare, bass, guitar
Lesson 08 - Instrument programming: drums
Lesson 09 - Instrument programming: trumpets
Lesson 10 - The keyboard dimension
Lesson 11 - Using Gigasampler live


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